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TTG 450 Guitar Building & Painting
With Special Guest Mike Learn 

 You Asked For Something Way Above Average... Well, Here It Is! 

It's absolutely true that Mike Learn is one of the world's top airbrush artists. He has cleared up his busy schedule to work with the lucky few who will take this next level guitar building class. In fact, Matt, Chris and Mike are all going to be there to help you build and paint a custom instrument you will be proud of. 


Working with Mike and his unique masking and stenciling system, you will design and complete a custom guitar finish that will amaze you and your friends. We will work with a Warbird theme and provide dozens of components and options to make your guitar unique and meaningful.

No airbrush experience is required. With Mike's system a beginner can produce a  professional paint scheme and those with experience can take their skills to the next level.  You will go home with not only your complete guitar, but a proprietary MLearn hot rod airbrush, all the stencils that you used and a bunch of other "goodies" packed in a Limited Edition MOJO Lock Box!!

All course materials included 


Build Your Own  Mike Learn Design & Custom Paint Your Own
April 12-16 2021 


Shop safety and tool familiarization.

Headstock Design 
Shape neck to your own specifications
Press in frets, level and dress
Basic airbrush operations

Masking and stenciling techniques

Aesthetic design and layout

Personalized airbrush instruction

Hardware & Assembly: Install pre-selected hardware, learn techniques for set-up and fine-tuning

Finish Techniques: Sanding, applying grain filler, staining and oil finish spray techniques and more.

This workshop is five solid days of shop work, lectures, and hands on guitar building. In order to fit a complete build and custom finish into a 5-day class, everyone will start with a Learn designed Spazzmaster body that is sealed. You will be able to design your own headstock, and build the neck to your specs. You will be tired every night and looking forward to the next day.


We proudly feature Hipshot products for all our classes.
 Hipshot tuners are included in this workshop 

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