Build Your Own Guitar Workshop

Design and build your own guitar in just one week.
Regardless of your age or experience, completing this demanding hands-on class might just change your life! 
Okay, that might be an overstatement, but we will teach you the ‘Modern Technique of guitar building’ including body design and construction neck shaping, fret work, wiring and assembly and lots, lots more.

NOVEMBER 11, 2019
10 am to 6 pm


Shop safety and tool familiarization.

Design your own headstock or use a classic template  
Shape neck to your own specifications
Press in frets, level and dress
Design your own body or use a classic template  

Electronics: Covers controls, pickups, soldering and wiring

Hardware & Assembly: Install pre-selected hardware, learn techniques for set-up and fine-tuning

Oil Finish Techniques: Sanding, applying grain filler, staining and oil finish on neck and body

This workshop is five solid days of shop work, lectures, and hands on guitar building. You will be tired every night and looking forward to the next day.


Application Deadline: October 15th

Total Program Cost: $1500

We proudly feature Hipshot products for all our classes.
A Hipshot bridge and tuners are included in the Build Your Own Guitar Workshop.