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Electric Guitar Set up Class

This great course is a basic presentation of practical electric guitar set up and maintenance. 

You will disassemble an electric guitar & put it back together, learn to properly change strings, set string height, intonation, truss rod adjustment, pickup height adjustment and how to properly clean and care for your instrument. Bring your own guitar or work on one of Matt's old Franken-Strats.

Includes a really cool essential tool kit and completion counts as a prerequisite for shop space rentals.

Learn to work on your own guitars with professional techniques

APRIL  4, 2020
10 am to 6 pm

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Tools involved

Properly change strings

String height


Nut height

Truss rod 

Fretboard radius
Pickup height

Properly clean and care for your instrument
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Essential Skills 
Professional Level Knowledge 
A Super Cool Basic Tool Kit



"The set-up class was excellent. I would recommend taking a class from TT crew if you are in the Denver area."

Mark, Austin Texas

If anyone wants to be able to work on their own guitar, I highly recommend them taking this class.  With Matt and Chris right there teaching the class and helping each student, you can get all the individual attention you need to become familiar with setting up your guitar.  The class is a fun, casual atmosphere where you learn not only how to adjust the various parts of the electric guitar, but WHY the parts and adjustments work the way they do.  I have watched a million YouTube videos on guitar setup, but actually being in the class, having the direct contact with guys who do this for a living and a full hands-on experience has given me the knowledge and confidence to set up my guitars.  My guitars have never played this well and I’ve even had a couple of them “professionally” set up in the past.  Now I can set up my guitars how I like them with full confidence.  I came home from the class and immediately proceeded to set up all my guitars and now I’m borrowing my friends' guitars and setting them up too.  It’s a very fun day of working in the shop with Matt and Chris and its definitely time well spent.
John, Denver Colorado

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