TTG 5150 Build An EVH Guitar Class 

 Everyone Wanted Us To Build An EVH Tribute Guitar... We Thought Y'all Should Get In On The Action And Build One Too!

Eddie Van Halen will be remembered as one of the most influential guitarists in human history. He changed the face of rock guitar and, his style of guitar building is immediately recognizable. Eddie almost single handedly invented the Super Strat helped to develop the Floyd Rose, and his guitars are still the obvious choice for hard rock and metal. His passing in 2020 came as a real blow to guitar players and music aficionados around the world. We thought long and hard about doing some sort of EVH inspired Texas Toast Challenger but decided not to do a red white and black striped Challenger for fear of it coming off as mocking. But so many people expressed an interest in their own high quality Van Halen style guitar that this Build Your Own Series was a no brainer.

All course materials included 

TTG 5150 Build An EVH Style Super Strat
July 19-23, 2021