TTG 351 Build & Design Your Own Custom Guitar Class

 Your Chance To Prove That You Are So Smart You Can Build It Yourself...
No matter what classes we offer we still seem to have people asking for something more.
Well, here it is... An advanced week long, hands on guitar building experience where you make the rules and get to do whatever you can get done in 5 days. Go at your own pace and show us what you got.



Beats me?
Hopefully you will learn that building guitars is great fun. You might also learn that building guitars is hard and you can love it but it doesn't always love you back.
The staff of Texas Toast Guitars will be on hand to assist you in every phase of your project but don't expect us to do it for you or motivate you in any way... we offer no syllabus and no guarantee that you will walk out of the shop on Friday with anything that even remotely resembles a musical instrument.
You may end up with something cool but you might just wind up with firewood?
It's up to you.

Build A Custom Guitar
July 19-23, 2021