Dylan Talks Tone
Pickup Winding Classes 

Dylan and Matt are coming up with some neat ways to make the whole learning process more fun. We also understand that not everyone can make it to the Texas toast Shop in July. Plus...Getting people involved in real time, live on YouTube is really cool and we are excited to bring some classes to you in this format.
You could call it a live online class or could call it digital wisdom whatever you call it, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Wind a Telecaster Pickup Set

Wind a Stratocaster Pickup Set

Wind a Humbucker Pickup Set

Understanding the passive guitar circuit- Following the signal from the string to the cable

Resistance, capacitance, and Inductance – the tone is these three

Component selection for your build

What pickups work the best for my sound

What pots should I choose

What cap Should I choose for the tone circuit


Trouble shooting

What’s that noise – buzz, hum, feedback, squeal

I don’t hear any sound – troubleshooting bad components

We get a lot of emails from people who say they live too far away to attend one of our classes or just can’t get away from home long enough to make it to the shop. We get it, life is full of challenges and we are super excited to bring y’all a great way to train with us in a live format