Build A Classic Tele Style Guitar

Build A Classic Tele
Build A Classic Tele
Build A Classic Tele
Build A Classic Tele

Guitar building classes at Texas Toast are the most comprehensive in the industry. We set the students up for success and trust them to do it all.  Hell, you will be using the big tools and spraying paint on the very first day! All the parts are included and provided by top tier companies.


Shop safety and tool familiarization.

Design your own headstock or use a classic template  
Shape neck to your own specifications
Press in frets, level and dress
Body shaping using a classic template, bandsaw & pin router

Electronics: Covers controls, pickups, soldering and wiring

Hardware & Assembly: Install pre-selected hardware, learn techniques for set-up and fine-tuning

Finish Techniques: Sanding, applying grain filler, staining and oil finish on neck and body, spraying hard finish and more.


Workshop includes body blank, neck blank and all finishing materials. TTG will provide classic templates for Telecaster and Stratocaster electronics, bridge etc.
We use the Maximum Guitar Works so. if you want to do something different that's no problem, contact Steve at Maximum Guitar Works to arrange your own custom template set


Equipment List:
An open mind
Parts for your guitar (we will provide you with a list so you don't forget anything) 
Eye protection 
ear protection
dust mask and or respirator
Notepad and pen
Drinking water

One new unopened toy (for Toys for Tots)..seriously!

October 17-21, 2022 Only $1250
Reserve your spot for only $500 down,
you will be invoiced for the balance.

This is the fundamental offering of the shop, comprising a thorough exposure to the modern technique of guitar building. Since it presents all the basic theory it is appropriate both for the beginner as well as the old hand who may have acquired obsolete habits in more primitive schools.
The student need have no guitar building experience but should be reasonably familiar with electric guitars and their operation. Regardless of your degree of competency you will be challenged to put forth full effort prior to the completion of the course.