Online Training Classes 

We get a lot of emails from people who say they live too far away to attend one of our classes or just can’t get away from home long enough to make it to the shop. We get it, life is full of challenges and we are super excited to bring y’all a great way to train with us in a live format every week!
Up to 2 hours of live, in depth, video every week on every topic you can think of. In fact, all the content is driven by subscribers.
You could call it a live online class or could call it digital wisdom whatever you call it, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Archived Videos 

If you missed the live online training you can still check out the archived videos. Watch as many times as you like for one time charge. Over 10 hours of video every month... Binge watch the whole month worth for only 10 bucks!

MARCH 2020

APRIL 2020

MAY 2020

"Damn that online class was the shit! Really good, very informative, opportunity was there to be interactive. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Can't wait for next week."


Tom @Rock_Candy_Guitars

Check out how we made this super cool Mud Flap Girl "Thinline" Daily Driver by ordering the online training videos to the left.
Over 20 hours of footage... binge watch them all.