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Online Training  Videos On Sale! 

Fretwork, Installation,
Leveling, Dressing &
Polishing... Only $9.99


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 Online Training Classes 

We get a lot of emails from people who say they live too far away to attend one of our classes or just can’t get away from home long enough to make it to the shop. We get it, life is full of challenges and we are super excited to bring y’all a great way to train with us in a live format every month. 

You could call it a live online class or could call it digital wisdom whatever you call it, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Build A Custom Guitar Body With Tools You Have!

A class so nice, we are doing it twice.
We have viewers all over the world so we will be offering this class live at two different times. You get both for one low price. Watch as many times as you like.

This is the easiest and fastest way to get started building a solid body electric guitar!

Design your own body or use a classic template
Bridge types, location and layout
Pickup and control cavities
Body round-overs and contours 


Included in the price of the class is our standard body blank for you to recreate a classic design or build your own custom creation.
$20.00 S&H added at checkout for US residents.

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You Can Still Buy The Archived Videos 

If you missed any of the the live online training sessions you can still check out the archived videos. Watch as many times as you like for one time charge. Binge watch them all!

Fit, Shape, Slot & Fine Tune A Guitar Nut $19.99

In this class we walk you through the basics of making a nut and give you the confidence to do it yourself. Matt & Chris will show you the tools we use and a few tricks along the way.
We guarantee that once your friends hear you can do this, they will all be asking you to make nuts for their guitars too.


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In The Weeds With Guitar Necks  
Fretting & Profiling With Hand Tools

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Course Materials...Texas Toast Neck Blank For Class $149.99

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Fender style neck blank (Strat heel ONLY) crafted by Matt & Chris right here in the shop. The truss rod is installed fretboard attached, slotted for frets (frets included), radiused  & drilled for tuners. The Instruction includes profiling the neck with hand tools, fret installation, headstock shaping and much more!

Fretwork, Installation,
Leveling, Dressing &
Polishing  $9.99


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Guitar Building Templates, Buying, Designing & Modifying. 

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This class is brought to you in part by our friends at Guitar Building Templates. These are our favorite template sets and every student will be given 20% off all template orders from now until December 30 2020!

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Hot Rod Pin Striping & Gold Leaf Techniques With Mike Learn

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 Build A Fabric Top Thin Line Style Guitar

Month 1 

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Month 2

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Month 3

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