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What Are The Pro-Builder Rules?

This category was originally just going to be Matt & Chris but then a few other guys wanted to get in on the action. We decided that would be a pretty good idea. So, if you are a full-time guitar builder here are the rules that apply to you.

Contestants still have a Maximum Budget of $400 USD for all Wood, Hardware, Electronics, Finish etc. Since many Pro-builders have wholesale accounts, a case must be included. 

Pro-Builders are not allowed to build Telecasters.

Matt & Chris are not allowed to build a guitar that they already have a template for. We encourage other pro-builders to do this as well but can't exactly enforce it.

Discounts from TTG Sponsors are 100% acceptable and should be considered a "Cheat Code" for buying new parts.

Pro-builder guitars will all be auctioned on the same day, for the same amount of time, with a starting price of $400.00 

Pro-builders can donate the all the money to charity donate the proceeds to charity or keep all the money. We really don't care what you do with it as long as the guitar is auctioned off.


 The winner of the pro-builder category will be the guitar with the highest USD amount.

Winner will get bragging rights for the next year... If you want to change the rules, want more of a prize etc... Start your own contest.

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