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We just looked at the price for a boutique Strat style guitar... GOOD GOD Y'ALL 
Let's build the exact same premium guitar for only $2599!


Matt & Chris know for a fact that we can teach you to build a classic Strat style guitar in a week. Then we thought that we could use EXACTLY the same woods and hardware that the boutique guitar builders use. Hell, we can use BETTER hardware & materials and you can be there to see your new guitar be born
What we couldn't figure out is why those guitars cost close to $9000 dollars? Given all of our contacts in this industry, it was pretty much a no brainer to offer a comprehensive guitar building experience that cannot get anyplace else.
Now, Check This Out...

Start With Excellence the very first day With Steve McElhenny at Maximum Guitar Works.   
Steve offers OEM Factory Services to companies you have, no doubt, heard of, meaning that your guitar will be exactly like some of the guitars built by the big-name boutique builders. Of course, you get to choose your own body & neck woods.

Wind your own pickups!
We were able to reverse engineer the exact specifications from an actual 1957 Stratocaster thanks to our buddy Jim Jamm Jimmy. Not a reproduction, but the genuine article. You will wind your own set of vintage style pickups with the help of OEM Manufacturer Dylan McKerchie from Dylan Talks Tone. 

All components, parts and materials are included. 
Select Tremolo or hardtail
Select your own neck woods
Build Your own body blank
Choose traditional Fender style or TTG headstock
Build your own neck
Select your truss rod and neck reinforcements 
Wind your own Pickups
Spray your own paint (please do a sunburst)
Do your own fretwork & nut
Assemble your own guitar
Do your own set up
Be the first on your block to build your own boutique guitar!

$9000 Strat Workshop

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