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Now is a great chance to get one of our Challenger Level II guitars for a terrific discounted price. The "Maveric" guitars are held to different aesthetic standards and the black 73 finish. on these allowed certain aesthetic marks on the material to be visible through the finish. Rest assured these instruments are guaranteed to be quality in spec and awesome guitars that you will love for a lifetime. Our standards are super high on all our guitars and if there is something not up to snuff we sell them at a discount rather than rework them.

These guitars are a collaboration with Texas Toast Guitars and Maximum Guitar Works. These instruments represent terrific value in an artisan guitar, with a number of special options available to make it uniquely yours.

Ultra-light carved top solid body
Honduran mahogany neck with maple binding

Modern C neck profile
Rosewood fretbaord
Hipshot hardware 

TTG Exclusive 73 Finish


Extras Include

Genuine Dylan P-90 Pickups







Challenger Level II LRB "MAVERICK"

$2,199.99 Regular Price
$1,299.99Sale Price
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