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New For 2023

Matt has always said no to a Carved Top workshop... until now!

We are not going to lie to you this is an intensive curriculum covering an incredible amount of material, lots more than our 5-day courses. That's why you will not find anything even remotely like this at any other shop. 

All participants will be provided with a maple top, mahogany body & neck blank, rosewood fretboard, a truss rod, frets and five of the most taxing days we have ever offered here at the Texas Toast shop with Matt & Chris. Best of all, you get to walk out the door with a cool guitar that you made!

Paint extension is the following Saturday & Sunday of the is
5-day workshop and covers sanding, prep-work, masking, spray techniques, sealer coats, color coats (to include classic burst styles), headstock logo of your choice and a satin topcoat. 

Note, we do not offer nitrocellulose or acrylic lacquer of any kind for this workshop 

Workshop size is limited to 6.

Equipment List:
An open mind
Eye protection 
ear protection
dust mask and or respirator
Notepad and pen
Drinking water

One new unopened toy (for Toys for Tots)..seriously!


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