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This is the advanced offering many of you have been asking for.
Want to make your dream guitar just like they did back in the old school Gibson or Fender factory, then this is the perfect class for you.
Guitar building classes at Texas Toast are the most comprehensive in the industry. We set the students up for success and trust them to do it all.  Hell, you will be using my beloved pin router on the very first day!   

All students will build a mahogany, maple and rosewood set neck guitar with 24.75" scale , maple top (flat top) 
or choose bolt on alder or ash body with maple and rosewood 25.5" scale neck
Of course, you can combine them 
Shop Safety & Tool Familiarization.
Wood Selection & Design 
Truss Rod Installation, fretboard slotting, glue-up, fretboard radius, neck binding 
Neck Shaping & Profiling to your own specifications, 
Fretting, Leveling & Dressing
Control Layout & Top Glue-up, 
Pickups Routes, Control Cavities & Neck Pockets 
Body Binding 
Tune-O-Matic Bridge and Stoptail Layout, Hardware Selection and much more

Note... This class is an intense week long experience. Each day is jammed with instruction. Students begin with raw lumber and learn to build this guitar from the most basic of materials... As such there is no time for carving tops or a finishing component.  

Classic Electric Guitar Woodworking Workshop

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