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Unleash your inner craftsman at the 5280 Luthierie & Swantronics 
Essential 15 Watt Workshop!
Dive into a hands-on, build-it-yourself learning event where you’ll create a hand-wired, 15 watt tube amp that boasts classic design, a tweed cabinet, and timeless tone. Experience the satisfaction of building your own amp from scratch while bonding with fellow guitar enthusiasts. Revel in the classic looks and sound that this unique workshop promises. Don’t miss out on the ultimate workshop experience right here at 5280 Luthirie Workshops 

Well known for its flexibility, ease-of-use and amazing tone, this is the classic sound heard on thousands of recordings.

This amp offers a giant sound in a compact package and is a clone correct replica of one of the most popular amplifiers of all time.
We will show you how to squeeze out all the crystal clear classic cleans  and silky smooth overdrive tones. This amp responds with a natural sweatness to guitar volume and picking dynamic changes.
Best of all it is handwired by YOU!

Essential 59 Tweed, 15 Watt Amp Workshop

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