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Wouldn't it be cool to build a top-shelf boutique Tele?
How about a super custom hardtail Strat with 2 P-90s?
Or... Maybe you want to come up with your own unique shape and load it with the best hardware you can get!

Don't forget you can also choose the exclusive Dylan Designed
"BAT-FISH" model 

You get to build your own, use dangerous power tools, wind pickups spray paint & join and the brotherhood of electric guitar building.

Build the body from a lightweight swamp ash blank.
Wind your own pickups, either Tele bridge and P-90 or 2 P-90s,
 wiring, soldering etc.

You get the exclusive TTG Neck, with your choice of woods (price and options my vary)
Learn woodwork, fretwork (hemispherical option available for those interested), graphite reinforcement, wheel adjust stainless truss rod all come standard.


Hipshot 6 in-line locking tuners & your choice of Tele bridge or hardtail bridge.

Paint work with your choice of colors in awesome DTF satin 

Nut work, set-up, electronics

Everything is included just pay up and show up.
What's cooler than that?

Ultimate build with Dylan McKerchie

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