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Matt's Moderne

I’m sure y’all know the story of the 1959 Appetite For Destruction Les Paul... and how it really isn’t a 1959 Model and really isn’t a Gibson! But one of the most controversial electric guitars, in my minds eye, is the 1958 Gibson Moderne. I’ll spare you the details as there is a bunch of information out there and who knows what is true and what is myth… Suffice to say that some people claim the guitar was never built and Billy Gibbons claims to only original example. Whether it is true or not isn’t nearly as much fun as the myth. What is true is that of three ridiculously modern guitars Gibson designed for that year the Moderne has had the least amount of success. Gibson has attempted to resurrect this guitar a few times and it has never surpassed the Flying V or the Explorer in popularity. When I was growing up there was an early 80’s Moderne at a local guitar shop, I loved that guitar but simply could not resist the allure of the tried and true, classic designs. Since starting Texas Toast Guitars I had a standing deal with myself that if anyone ever paid me to build a Moderne I would build one for myself. Actually, there are a few guitar designs that fall into this category… but I’m not going to tell y’all what those are until another day.