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The Great Guitar Build Off 2020

Looking back on my life, I have had the opportunity to do a lot of exciting things. The most recent is something that would not have been possible without the people who watch my YouTube channel. Come to think of it, most of the neat stuff I have been doing lately is all thanks to my online community of friends. Of course, I am referring to a guitar building challenge that started out, innocently enough, as a way for me to talk for an hour on a live stream. I had been watching a lot of stupid drag race TV shows. You know the kind, a bunch of knuckleheads doing a bunch of knucklehead stuff with hot rods. I wondered, why not have a show with a bunch of knuckleheads doing a bunch of knucklehead stuff with high speed cutting tools and guitars? Anyway, here is what I posted on my Patreon Page… “Y'all can imagine that when my tiny brain and I are left unsupervised, with seemingly unlimited free time, lots of silly ideas come off the back burner and jump to the top... Where they really don't belong HAHAHA. I have been wanting to do some videos where we challenge other guitar makers to a friendly competition. So, what I want to know is who do y'all think we should call out?” One name kept coming up again and again, Ben Crowe from Crimson Guitars! Now, I was convinced that Ben had no idea who I was (and who knows, maybe he didn’t) but the people watching stepped up and let it be known that I might be gunning for him. Now, maybe great minds think alike, or maybe he wanted to find out what this loud-mouth American, yours truly, was up to. Anyway, Ben contacted me the next day and we were fast friends. We hatched the plan, bring together some of the most fun guitar building channels on YouTube and see what shakes loose. You know there had to be some rules and you can read more about those on the website… I have a ton of respect for all the competitors involved and am thrilled to see what they come up with. Of course, I ain’t no slouch. Y’all better get your pocketknives out… we are fixin’ to have a fight. We will be donating all of the money from the sale of our guitar to help out our brother in arms, fellow guitar builder and the only guy we know with a Marshall JCM-800 schematic tattoo Brian Nutter, owner operator of Nutter Guitars. He is dealing with a lot of health issues and his family could use a little help. He is our friend and he would do it for us.