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The Great Guitar Build Off... We Are Almost Finished… Or Are We?

As I write this, we seem to be the only ones willing to acknowledge that we have been putting in work on our entry for The Great Guitar Build Off. I know some of you are wondering if the other contestants are waiting until the last minute or given up. If you ask me, I think they are working in secret and holding their cards close to their vests. we are also engaging in a bit of subterfuge so as not to give away what we are working on. The hardest part of this contest so far is going to be waiting until September 4th to show y’all what we have come up with. Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely keep my big mouth shut! There have been a lot of people trying to guess what crazy guitar we will be presenting. These are always fun to hear and some of them are WAY out there, even for us. We could have used some of these ideas before we started this whole thing. Some of you think we are building a banjo, a left-handed 5 string bass and even a hurdy gurdy. I have heard people say that Mike Learn will be painting Ben’s head on our guitar! And one guy actually thinks we are building a double neck. HAHAHA I shall neither confirm nor deny any of these wild guesses because where is the fun in that? Speaking of guessing what people are doing… I have a few ideas about what some of the competition is up to. Ben Crowe, will respectfully bow out of the competition as a gesture of benevolence to the rest of us. He realizes that he has nothing to gain by winning (and certainly nothing to gain by losing) to a bunch of people who do not possess his level of skill. We all know that Ben is the ultimate guitar builder. There is no need for him to prove it. Brad Angove, is getting tired of people commenting on his videos about us but will continue to press on with his cool new custom shape. Lado guitars will be resurrected by the Traynor amplifier company and go into mass production of his design. It will become the signature guitar of whoever happens to be in April Wine. In an ironic twist of fate, they will all be fabric tops. Dan Thompson, will replicate the PRS guitar with the EVH paint job using vintage correct Schwinn bicycle paint. He will go on to star as Charley Bowdre in a remake of Young Guns and do most of his own stunts. Speaking of PRS, Philip McKnight is currently in the private Maryland work shop of Paul Smith working on his build off entry. It will feature a blue quilted maple top. As you read this the guys from Nickelback and Cross Canadian Ragweed are both chomping at the bit to buy it sight unseen. We have no idea what Tamar Hannah is up to but we are pretty sure that she will drink everyone under the table at the wrap up party. We will not be invited. Jimmy Diresta is currently in negotiations with the Discovery Channel to turn his entry into a “Forged In Fire” style game show co-hosted by Nick Offerman and Richard Rawlings. We will not be invited to that either. Derek Lenard, will make a telecaster.