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The Super Casanova

Completely redesigned for 2017, the Super Casanova picks up where the classic off-set design leaves off.
We shoved out all the jazz people never used and pounded in all the rock & roll you can handle. What we got is an aggressive, ass kicker that is right at home on a dive bar stage that just got washed off with a fire hose.
Of course, we kept it curvy, smooth and comfortable enough to feel right at home in a bookstore basement that smells like opium and forbidden wisdom.
We got tired of watching shoe gazers take the iconic offset design and make wuss rock. The Super Casanova sends those Indie bands back to art school and puts this classic where it belongs.


24.75” scale Texas Toast “Ultimate Neck” vertical grain maple neck, Black poisonwood fret-board with 3 on a side, 7 degree headstock.

Alder body… For the classic tone

Texas Toast Pure Juice humbuckers… They gots the moist tone
Sperzel Trim-Loc Tuners… They lock em’ you rock em’
Hard Case… duh you have to have a case.

Starting price...

Want to go further? You can always upgrade to Mastery components

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