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“Health lies in action, and so it graces youth. To be busy is the secret of grace, and half the secret of content. Let us ask the gods not for possessions, but for things to do; happiness is in making things rather than in consuming them.”
​— Will Durant 

The New "5280 Lutherie Workshops"...

We are excited to share with you a new, updated workshop format with the "5280 Lutherie Workshops."

We have worked hard to redesign our workshop area to better tend to the workability and suitability of each participant.  The shop design, tools and workstations have gotten an overhaul, as well as the workshops, themselves.  We continue to strive to address the needs and wants of all our participants - from those brand new to the trade, to the hobbyist to the more seasoned learner.  As such, we are adding more workshops to be able to accommodate more participants, while still maintaining a class size that is conducive to learning.

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