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Without a doubt some of the sweetest guitars to ever come out of a TTG workshop were the $9000 Strats. This time we thought to do the exact same thing only using a guitar that should really be on everyone's bucket list.


Matt & Chris know for a fact that we can teach you to build a classic Tele style guitar in a week but check this out.

We will be using the finest components money can buy (all parts included) and give you 5 days of comprehensive instruction on fret work, paint work, assembly, set-up plus a lot more.


  • With Excellence, we will use swamp ash bodies and maple necks from our friend Steve McElhenny at Maximum Guitar Works.


Steve offers OEM Factory Services to companies you have, no doubt, heard of, meaning that your guitar will be exactly like some of the guitars built by the big-name boutique builders.


Custom wound pickups, your guitar will have a hand wound set of vintage style pickups with the help of OEM Manufacturer Dylan McKerchie from Dylan Talks Tone.


Finally, you will finish off the build with a Complete Telecaster Hardware package from Callaham Guitars. THE recognized leader in vintage aftermarket guitar parts. We used Callahamfor the Strat build and decided this is the only way to go for our heirloom quality 51 Nocaster workshop.


Choose traditional Fender style or TTG headstock

Spray your own paint (please do a sunburst)

Do your own fretwork & nut

Assemble your own guitar

Do your own set up

Be the first on your block to build your own boutique guitar!

51 Nocaster Workshop August 2024

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