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Our policies...

Please read these policies carefully.  If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact form on this site.  Our goal is to give you an experience that gets you excited from your first contact with us, then throughout the build process and finally when you get your Texas Toast Guitar in your hands.  We treat our customers fairly and with respect, and in return we ask that you respect our methods and opinions regarding how the work should be conducted.  We have been designing and building instruments for both beginners and experts for decades and we ask that you understand that we know what we're doing.  We want  you to be among the great musicians we've worked with over the years.

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Deposits for custom orders - 

Deposits on all commissioned, custom order instruments are nonrefundable after work has commenced, or materials have been sourced. We do not accept customer materials for builds as a general rule, but exceptions may be made with certain written understandings.  Please understand that custom builds require both time and materials to get started, so please be sure you are secure with committing to the build.  

Workshops - 

In order to allow each attendee a sufficient share of our instruction, we limit our class sizes.  Because of this we often have to turn away requests when classes are full.  We therefore do not allow refunds on class purchases.  We try very hard to be generous and fair with exceptions, but please know that as difficult as it is, we are a business and have to adhere to constructs as such.

Maverick Builds - 

These instruments are sold "as is" with no warranty implied or expressed.  These instruments are used to evaluate different themes, hardware, and configurations and are therefore not "new" in the traditional sense.  They may show signs of use or cosmetic defect that will never affect the playability of the instrument.  As always, we remind you that these instruments are custom made, and are intended to reflect the character and esthetic choices Matt and Chris deem relevant and important. Therefore, custom orders are sold as a “one way” sale, and cannot be returned for esthetic choices.

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