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The Challenger

We couldn’t find the perfect guitar...So we built one

When I designed The Challenger I knew I wanted to create a guitar with classic flavor that immediately felt familiar to real players. It also needed it to be unique to me and built for battle! There was only one way to make it happen... decide to do it and take no prisoners.

This guitar became the only one that I gave a damn about. This guitar that punches way above its weight class...

When you are ready for a guitar built with the same passion as you have for your music.


24.75” scale Texas Toast “Ultimate Neck” vertical grain maple neck, Black poison-wood fret-board with 3 on a side, 7 degree head-stock.

Mahogany body and flame maple top… Classic flavor, classic vibe, just plain classic

Texas Toast Pure Juice humbuckers… They gots the moist tone

Hard Case… duh you have to have a case.


Starting price...

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