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If you would like to pay for this workshop over time (with a deposit of $500.00), please send us an email and we will create an invoice with payment options for you.

Without a doubt some of the sweetest guitars to ever come out of a TTG workshop have been the Strats & Les Paul style guitars. It kinda just made sense to get everyone's lower body gyrating and offer a PRS Workshop.


We will be using the finest components money can buy (all parts included) and give you 5 days of comprehensive instruction on fret work, paint work, assembly, set-up plus a lot more. Choose between PRS Custom 24 or McCarty 22 style guitars.


  • Start With Excellence, we will be using Honduran mahogany bodies with Standard Maple tops (Figured Maple, $300 upcharge) and mahogany necks with rosewood fretboards from our friend Steve McElhenny at Maximum Guitar Works.


Steve offers OEM Factory Services to companies you have, no doubt, heard of, meaning that your guitar will be exactly like some of the guitars built by the big-name boutique builders.

We provide all the components to build this guitar (minus pickups... we have no idea what y'all want). Choose a Hipshot trem, or Tone Pros wrap-around bridge. Hipshot standard or locking tuners as well as a bunch of other premium parts to complete your guitar.


Dylan McKerchie from Dylan Talks Tone has generously offered to make everyone who registers great deals on custom wound pickups, your guitar.


Spray your own paint (please do a sunburst)
You want reveal binding... We can do that too.

Do your own fretwork & nut

Assemble your own guitar

Do your own set up
Plus lots more!

Be the first on your block to build your own boutique guitar!

Workshop Dates are September 2-6, 2024

Exclusive PRS Style Guitar Workshop TTG-270

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