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About This Workshop

  • I will show you all the steps involved in transforming a basic guitar into an heirloom instrument. Everything from selection, disassembly, refinishing, adding a new neck, fretwork, nut work, hardware selection, set-up, and a full tutorial, start to finish, on fabric covering.  When it’s all done, I promise you that you won’t believe your eyes… or ears.  


  • I have no idea how many hours this series will be, but I do guarantee we will be using tools you can source at the Home Depot and use techniques you can use in your own shop, garage or basement. Hell, if you want to do it on the kitchen table go for it!


  • You know Chris from TTG, Dylan from Dylan Pickups and maybe even Steve from Maximum Guitar Works will want to get in on the action so the ratio of instructors to participants will be way up there.


  • Joy and I are going to risk several fights and edit this together, so the production value will be much better than what we give away free on YouTube.


  • How about some more…  We will be doing invitation only chat groups and online cocktail hours at The Keep where we answer your questions live and help you along the way. I know y’all and you know me…This is going to be a lot of fun and a ton of information.

I've made hundreds of videos over the last decade, but the world is changing fast.


So much of the content that I have done since the beginning is getting trickier to find and, lets face it, my naming conventions for these things is scatterbrained.

My goal for this workshop (and others like it) is to help you on all levels of guitar building from tool purchases, tool use and even mental and spiritual awareness.

I get it, this costs money, but it also costs your time that I can never give back to you.

If you participate, I plan on making my time on these video workshops work to help you with your guitars in your shop and most importantly… with YOUR tools.

If you have questions, please let us know. Bottom line, the TTG team looks forward to hearing from you and working with you.


Nuff said, let’s get started

Video Workshop Ultimate Stratocaster Rebuild

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