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$400 Guitar Building Challenge

Matt finally got fed up with the other guitar build off events. He decided to take some of his own advice... If you're so smart, start your own contest.

If you’re looking for some excitement, step up to the line: Ready. Set. START BUILDING BABY!The best part is the winner will take home a fat stack of cash!So gear up, make the best guitar you can and bring yourself (or send your guitar) to Denver and...

Go Get That Money!

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

All the info...

Current Participants

Tony Alfano, Marc Arena, Bill Carr, Dave Chenzoff, Pete Davenport, Mike Davis, Bobby Dill, Evan Donovan, Gerry Humphrey, Randy King, Kandle Kulish, Butch Landry, Maxime Lepage, Paul McNary, Rick Molloy, Thomas Norris, Richard Pearson, Gregory Purl, Gary Redburn, Alex Saucet, Doug Seidlitz, Don Siltanen, Jerry Stone, Gary Taft

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