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You Can Dig Some Of Our Cool Guitars

We are guitar builders, and carpenters. We do things the old school way... With vintage equipment the way they did it back in the 50's.  

Guitar players love guitars. Nothing is more personal to them. Every guitar player wants to believe that the guy who made his guitar built it with love and passion. A builder that made the guitar an extension of the player in a very personal way.

What People Are Saying

I’m sure you all get a ton of emails like this but I wanted you to know I am still in love with my guitar. I play the hell out of it and can’t show it off enough. Thanks again for your effort and craftsmanship. Saving up now for my next one.


After the first chord I had a problem...


All the other guitars I have turned into junk. Man, what an awesome piece! Even my wife is thrilled (and she knows what it cost). It is worth every penny!!! And every minute I have been waiting for it.
You have done an incredible job and now that we know that the supply chain including customs work well (even if it may take longer), nothing should stand in the way for the next order... I'll think about it...

Thank you very much again! It was and is so much fun to follow you on YouTube. It is entertaining and even more instructive. You have helped me to find an entry into guitar building and now you have given me a huge gift. Old gentlemen like us (I was born in 66) often buy a classic car or afford expensive girls.

This is way more fun, better and lasts longer! ;-)


Ever since I saw Billy Gibbons with an SG that had an arrow headstock, I've wanted one. Last year I contacted Matt from Texas Toast Guitars, and he told me he could make it happen. IT'S HERE!!! Let me tell you it was worth the wait. Matt dubbed it , "The Prostitute" on his channel. SHE RIPS!!! (That may have something to do with the Dimarzio Super Distortion) So comfortable and fun to play. I love it! They nailed it.


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